Transportation on French Riviera

The trains lines SNCF are the most efficient mode of transportation on the Cote d’Azur. Not only are they significantly faster than other options, it’s also relatively cheap! What’s more, the ticket machines in the stations are simple to use, even giving you the option to use the machines in different languages so that you can easily understand the instructions. But be careful! Always make sure to validate your tickets in the little yellow machines before going through the gates.

The Ligne d’Azur network offers a lot of bus services in the French Riviera and a tramway as well.

For example, there are 3 tram lines in Nice: L1 which goes through the city centre, L2 which offers a connection from the airport to the port and L3 which provides an airport connection to Saint Isidore via the Allianz Riviera Stadium.

The buses are always a great option as well. You can find a bus stop almost everywhere on the French Riviera and you can also get the train which can even drop you off at the Italian border.

There is also the option of a taxi, uber, car rental or even car sharing!

For those who want to enjoy some exercise while visiting the French Riviera, there is also the choice of renting a bike with Vélobleu.