Tours and Experiences French Riviera

Visit The French Riviera offers a wide range of guided tours for you, your friends and family! They are a great way to learn all the important facts about the city you are visiting and all the must see places as well. Not to mention that it is a good opportunity to meet more travellers like you!

Also, when you join Walking Tours, you are in the hands of a trusted local expert who is ready to share all the interesting and important information about the city with you. The benefits of walking tours are endless!

Joining a walking tour is a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers and the fact that you are joining a group of people with a common language also creates familiarity, especially when travelling in a foreign country.

Not only are the tours a great way to meet other travellers, especially if you travel alone, but they also give you detailed information, cool facts, tips and recommendations about what to do in the city, where to eat and where to grab the best drink. Moreover, Walking Tours are great exercise and you won’t miss hidden gems and details like street art or delicious restaurants! You can see things up close and wander down small streets in Old Town. All in all, your tour guides want to make sure you are having a great time on the tour.

The whole route is planned out in an efficient way, so you won’t miss the main sights and still have time to learn about the city secrets only the locals know. Our walking tours also include a break in the middle to take a rest, use the toilet, experience the local markets and even satisfy your taste buds by trying some local delicacies.