Wine Tasting French Riviera

When you think of France you surely think of wine and champagne. After all, France has many regions with vineyards especially along the South, the beautiful French Riviera. The vineyards here in France produce some of the most exquisite flavors in the world!

Wine tastings are usually composed of four simple steps, sight, smell, taste and evaluation and it is a great way to improve your knowledge of wine and of course improve your confidence every time you across a wine list.

On your holidays on the French Riviera, you have a lot of things to discover and enjoy, but you should not skip Wine Tastings with some of the best local and French wines. Experience its flavors, local products, markets that are all found in Nice and the villages of the Côte d’Azur.

Joining a wine tasting goes beyond just drinking wine, you will have the chance to taste selected wines with an introduction to the world of wine culture. It is one thing to know what you are tasting and it is another to understand what is behind the flavors and to know how your wine is composed and why it tastes this way.