Bike tours French Riviera

Bike Tours can be found all over the French Riviera, whether that is cycling bike tour or a beer bike tour.

A Beer Bike Tour as the name suggests, is a ride around a city and a tour at the same time that combines sightseeing with drinking. The driver is always sober for everyone’s safety and he is also your local tour guide who will guide you through the most iconic landmarks of each city.

The bikes usually accommodate up to 16 people but no less than 6. It is a great opportunity to gather with friends or meet new people while drinking and listening to music. The bikes usually come with very comfortable seats, a good sound system as well as party lights for the night tours and of course iced cold draft beer. There is also a roof in case of rain. Some companies offer the choice of prosecco or cider instead of beer as well.

It is an ideal tour for all those who wish to explore and discover a city in a unique and exciting way while of course exercising a little bit along the way. It is also a great activity to celebrate occasions such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties or corporate outings.

Of course, if you wish to take a cycling bike tour there is a wide choice for you along the French Riviera. There are many companies that offer bike tours in different parts of the region, from the promenade with the view of the Mediterranean Sea to all the way up to the mountains. You can choose from an easy cycling tour to average to even a more intense tour up to the hills of the beautiful Alpes. A bike tour is a great way to explore the French Riviera while exercising and burning some calories and of course breathing some fresh air.