Food Tours French Riviera

What a better way to discover the French Riviera? You may think that you can find the same dishes as in any other region in France such as Paris. However, that is not the case with the French Riviera!

Nice, the capital of the Côte d’Azur hasn’t always been a part of France. It was only 1861 when it was officially annexed to France and before that Nice belonged to kingdom of Sardinia. Hence, there is a combination of both French and Italian architecture, cuisine, culture and traditions!

With Visit The French Riviera you can take a food tour with our local expert guides and discover more about Nice’s history with Sardinia and France. Normally, food tours include 5-7 different locations therefore by providing a multi-course culinary adventure of a guided food tour with tips on the best restaurants and bars in town. You will discover places that many tourists miss out on and of course learn a lot about the region and the influences.

Some local dishes you will try include specialties such as Socca, Pan Bagnat, Pissaldiere and many more.  A great insight of the Niçoise and Mediterranean cuisine for you and your friends to enjoy.