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Stand Up Paddle in Eze, France

Èze, France
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5 people


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Stand Up Paddle in Eze Sur Mer, a stunning village near to Nice :

Discover Eze sur mer in a unique way! Book your amazing Stand-Up Paddle Experience Eze on the French Riviera and explore the shores of Eze and Cap d’Estel.

We meet at 10h00 at Eze Beach – Club Nautique – where we start off by giving you all the equipment you will need and of course the safety instructions on how to use the stand-up paddleboard. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready to experience the SUP and explore the Bay of Eze. During your experience you’ll enjoy  amazing views and  landscape Eze Village, Cap estel, Saint jeanCap Ferrat.

Sup It’s so much more than just a board and a paddle

Stand up paddle is an adventure for mind, body & soul. At Eze Beach, the scenery is truly calming and SUP is a great way to explore the beautiful coastline at your own pace. You’ll get a great view of all of the cool underwater stuff too. SUP provides a great workout. It makes use of your entire body, the core, back and legs. Throw in loads of fun, laughter and lots of sunshine and there’s a perfect recipe for a great day out, literally in the Med.

As they say, it’s more fun standing up!

Book your SUP Stand Up Paddle next to Nice

Did you know that “SUP” is the fastest growing water sport in the Med? Not only is it fun for all ages, but it’s also a sport that everyone can do! Whether you are new to SUP, looking to freshen up your skills, or just want a leisurely paddle our stand-up-paddle sesh is the perfect sun-soaked day out for you.


  • The bay of Eze
  • The cape Estel Eze


  • Fun Stand up paddle Experience 1h30
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Paddle
  • Life jacket
  • Instructions
  • Immediate confirmation by email: printed or mobile confirmation forms are accepted
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun cream
  • Food & Drinks

Tour's Location

Èze, France


Where is located the Stand Up Paddle experience ?

The SUP experience is located in the Fabulous Eze beach at the Club nautique d'eze on the French Riviera. A few minutes away from Nice and Monaco.

How to get from Nice to Eze:

Take the Bus Line N°100 from The Port to Gare SNCF Eze, Price 1,50€

Take the Train to Gare de Eze sur Mer, Price 2.80€

Do I need stand up paddle experience ?

No. We will give you instructions, everything you need to know about Stand Up Paddle to stand on a board and paddle away.

Do I have to be in shape to do this?

You do not have to be an Olympic athlete, but it does help if you are fit to really enjoy stand up paddle. So, if you can stand on one foot for 30 seconds :), get from a kneeling position to a standing position without using your hands and pull out of the deep end of a pool without a ladder you can do this easily. By the way, if balance and strength aren’t really your thing then a Kayak rental is also available and super fun.

How to stand up paddle board?

Here is a short guide on how to paddle board:
-Get into the water carrying your board and set the board on the surface
-Get on the board, hold the paddle in your hand and get on your knees on the board first
-Then, try to stand up by first lifting one leg and then the other, get up from a squat position
-Once you stand on the board, start to paddle slowly first
-Make sure to have your knees slightly bent, keep your head up straight and have your vantage point always forward.

Is stand up paddle boarding hard?

Practicing the stand up paddle is not hard at all. Especially when doing this kind of water sport on flat water it is quite easy to learn. You don’t even have to be the fittest or sportiest person to be a good stand up paddler.
Besides the therapeutic benefits stand up paddling brings with it, it is also super fun and can be a great group activity!

If you are a beginner, you should be aware of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid making. Here is a list of a few tips on how to make your first paddle board experiences easier:

1. Try to think you are riding a bike! Don’t think about floating on the water and don’t look down.
2. Make sure to stand in the center of your board to maintain balance.
3. Bend your knees slightly to be prepared for slight waves.
4. Engage your core.
5. Focus on a certain point on land or in the sea/lake in order to keep your balance.

What to wear stand up paddle boarding?

It is not necessary to wear super expensive clothing for paddle boarding. As you are on the water, and will maybe fall into it at some point, you can just wear your swimming clothes such as a bikini or bathing shorts.
If you are advanced and sure you will not get wet, normal active or casual clothing is of course also possible.

Usually you do not need to wear any protection, as the most dangerous thing that could happen is falling into the water 😉

Can you sit on a stand up paddle board?

Stand up paddling can be executed in many different ways. Either you can knee on it, sit on it or stand on it while paddling.
Beginners may first feel more comfortable with sitting or kneeing on the board. Once you get used to your board and the body of the water it will be easy for you to stand up on your board.

How to balance on a stand up paddle board?

After you’ve stood up immediately do a first stroke of paddling. This supports you to stand firmly on the board and find your balance. Make sure your feet are parallel and equidistant to your hips. Slightly bent knees are also important to maintain balance.
Don’t look down if you feel you are losing your balance, even if it might be tempting. The key to get your balance back is to look forward and focus on a certain point in front of you.
In the case you fall off your board, try to fall away from it and not land on the board.

How to hold a SUP?

To hold the paddle properly is an important issue and fundamental to execute the paddle movement in the right way.
The most important thing is to make sure that the paddle blade angle is looking away from you. Also, the paddle needs to be held vertical to the water surface.
Further, gripping your paddle properly will help you to steer your board correctly and to perform steering manoeuvres. Put one hand on the top of the paddle and grip the shaft with your other hand. The hands on the paddle should be about an arm's width apart.
If you hold your paddle properly in this “T”-bar and dive it into the water fully vertical when doing a stroke, you will be surprised how easily you are moving forward on the water.

How to stand up on paddle board after falling?

If a bigger wave hits you or you just lose you balance, you may fall off your paddle board.
As you’ve made sure that your leash is attached before you started your paddling session, you do not have to worry about your paddle board floating away. The most difficult thing will be to get back on your board after falling into the water.
First, focus on swimming back to your board and do not worry about your paddle, as it is usually floating. The easiest way to get back on is to swim to the center and grab the handle with one hand. Support your other arm on the board and push yourself up with both arms. Make a few strong kicks with your legs in the water to get an upwards thrust.
Kicking your feet and pulling your arms will get you back on the board. Once you are back on the board you can lie down in the surfing position and use your arms to get to your paddle.


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