Before my arrival in Marseille, I had many prejudices and stereotypes in mind about life in Marseille. Originally from Nice, the people of Marseille have always been our “best enemies”. After a few months, I fell under the spell of this beautiful Mediterranean city. Here are 6 very good reasons to go and live in Marseille :

1. Cultural diversity

Marseille is a very cosmopolitan city and I love it! All colors, all origins and a lot of tolerance. I felt very comfortable quickly in Marseille. As if I had lived there forever!

2. Mentalities

A state of mind much more relaxed than my peers in Nice … I repeat myself but there is a lot of tolerance; difference is not a problem for them. I was shocked by so much kindness; they don’t hesitate to help you in the street, to tell you where to go, to talk to you in the subway. Far away from the coldness of our French capital!

I like this Mediterranean side, like in Nice. The locals in the street laugh, talk loudly, say hello to each other.

They still remain true to their reputation: I did well not to bring my car back, more serenity in the metro than on the road!

3. Live well on a low budget

If you are resourceful and if you don’t let yourself be tempted by the devil (Monop ‘) there are plenty of grocery stores that defy all competition on all types of products (I don’t want to know where the provenance comes from;))! In addition, going to the markets allows you to buy fresh products and saves you money (especially at La Canebiere).

4. Cultural richness in Marseille

Marseille was the European capital of culture in 2013. Many concepts, hidden exhibitions, private parties, major events, diverse activities. Apparently nothing is happening in Marseille, but that’s what we are led to believe! Clandestine effect guaranteed.


5. A city known for its safety

I take the metro every day, I walk the streets and I was surprised to be stopped / assaulted (call it whatever you want) less than in my own city, if at all! However, I live in a working-class neighborhood.

But I stay on the reserve, we do not feel safe all the time, especially as a woman, I use UBER for every evening trip! In Marseille house evenings are more common than bar / club evenings, because the best clubs are in Aix!

6. A city not very clean

Yes all is not rosy. Marseille is a dirty city (apart from the beautiful neighborhoods), there are rats, as well as cockroaches (I hope I never have to deal with them !!) … A rather gray and tagged city that makes me regret the Nice red / yellow / apricot buildings. But it gives off an urban, popular side. People live !

Overall I am very happy with this first month in Marseille. Very positively surprised. I can see myself living a bit of adventure here !!

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