Nice is an incredible city! With it’s monuments, it’s churches, it’s gardens, it’s footpaths that connect the hills to the city center, but also it’s museums, it’s artists, it’s traditions, it’s local crafts, and it’s international gastronomy with the flavors of sun vegetables, basil and olive oil … and of course the coastal path from Nice to Villefranche.

The coastal path from Nice to Villefranche

Small zoom on a very beautiful coastal path of the Alpes Maritimes. With a frame very different from what we know of the French Riviera (crowded beaches, mass tourism) Let’s discover together the natural places of our beautiful region.

Directions of the seaside between Nice and Villefranche-sur-mer 

Located between Nice and Villefranche. A very beautiful place that allows nature and sport lovers to walk along the creeks.

1,4km of secure and sportive hiking: a pure happiness. Unknown to tourists, the inhabitants of Nice particularly appreciate the view of the bay from the trail.

A beautiful walk:

A walk along Nice and Villefranche

The coastal path is also named the ‘path of the customs officers’. It starts in Nice and leads to the city of Villefranche sur mer.

It is necessary for a day plan:  3.5 hours walk. Count 2 hours to make the walk from the port of Nice to the port of Villefranche.

There is a lot of walking especially for sportive people! If you decide not to make the round trip, you can also choose to take the trail a little later to walk for about an hour.

How to get there

A walk along Nice and Villefranche

Two ways: from Coco-Beach (nudist beach) and the beach of La Réserve, we follow the road from the seaside on the sidewalk to the small garden F. Rainaud, the path of the Cap de Nice.

If you decide to organize a one – hour walk:

  • Drive to Boulevard Princesse Grâce de Monaco and stop at the Pointe du Gaton or the Pointe de la Rascasse. This allows you to enjoy a quick ride to Villefranche sur Mer. Once you arrive in town, you can enjoy a coffee break and take some pictures. There are also toilets for your convenience.
  • Take the departure on Coco Beach to Villefranche (2 hours walk) and once in Villefranche: return by bus to Nice. nice

Get organized:

A walk along Nice and Villefranche

This walking path which is accessible to all, offers superb views of the bay of Nice and its turquoise water.
No need to be an experienced sportsman but still… in good condition !  Prefer rather to make this walk in the morning. The sun is very strong even in winter at noon.
For the families: this walk can be done with grown up children, otherwise it can quickly become a course of the fighter.

To – plan: water, sneakers, cap… The path is very well laid out. Indeed, between each cove are benches in the stone to catch your breath or to have a picnic.

Organize your walk with a map:

Here is a map that will help you see a little more clearly on the coastal trail route. Don’t hesitate to click on this picture for more details.

A walk along Nice and Villefranche

Admire the beauty of the Mediterranean:

This coastal path allows us to get out of the traditional tourist circuits. A unique and exceptional place. It is very badly indicated and little known, but absolutely to be done. There are indeed creeks in the Alpes Maritimes, secret but well existing.

Did you like this article? Do you want to explore and admire the turquoise waters of our Mediterranean Sea?