I like to walk around Marseille on Sundays! Especially when it is combined with relaxation, sun, and family. But not only! You can take advantage of it to do your sports session, a romantic stroll, or call your best friend while walking in front of the sea.

I am getting to know Marseille little by little and I am not disappointed! A city so much denounced for its filth, its aggressive inhabitants, and its fearful neighborhoods. But while living there, I discover every day the exact opposite. Certainly, it is a big city with its faults – But you can get comfortable and feel good right away.

I invite you to discover the beauty of Marseille through this article.

Starting point: Prado beach

I then walked along the Corniche

And to finish with the Pharo’s garden and the old port.

A beautiful walk is guaranteed!


Starting point: Prado beach


A walk in MarseilleA walk in MarseilleA walk in MarseilleA walk in Marseille


Path to the Pharo Palace at sunset

A walk in Marseille


A view of  Pharo: a little jewel!


A walk in MarseilleA walk in Marseille


Arrival at the Old Port. 

A walk in Marseille


A beautiful sunset and the tourist boat arriving at the dock.

A walk in Marseille